I just want my investment

Thanks, I saw last Sunday’s issue and your interview.  I was listening this morning (Sunday,Feb 6th) to the radio program” In The Spotlight” and the mention of CLICO’s issues came to the fore, this came out of the discussion regarding LIAT.  PM Gonsalves indicated that LIAT had also invested in CLICO and was awaiting firm decisions of these results.

What has me worried is that the present Government seem not to want to touch the issues.

Questions are:

  1. Where will the money come from to pay us, Government have not money, they cannot meet their financial commitments each month (paying civil servants, paying suppliers etc, etc, etc.
  2. Leroy Parris and his top colleagues should be made to pay back the money they got on their exit from the company.  If this was the United States they will have to spend the rest of their lives behind bars. and their colossal properties seized.
  3. After the judicial review, what will be the decision, will this be communicated to the policyholders, or will they keep that under their sleeves.

I think  a tribunal formulated and proceed to the highest entity in order to get our funds.  Seize those properties of value for sale to facilitate payments.  The former leader of the Opposition had made certain demands of CLICO when she was in office, but obviously no one took her seriously.

June, to be honest, I am not interest in the Interest which has been accumulated – I just want my investment, which was my pension which I received when I retired from C&W.  Do you know todate I have not even heard from the Insurance Agent (Andrew Cave) who sold me the policy, I called Geoffrey Brewster – Managing Director, and I just get his voicemail.

I know that God is not sleeping, he might have on his pajamas, but not sleeping, he will work his purpose out for all of us.  We do not deserve this.

Can you please advise the time of the meeting to be held on Friday, Feb 11th.

Have a successful week ahead.