CLICO Judicial Manager’s Final Forensic Report Unsealed

BIPA was pleased to hear that the CLICO Judicial Manager’s Final Forensic Report was unsealed in the High Court today.

“This will put an end to the speculation regarding what is contained in the Report, and will allow us to focus on the need for exceedingly swift action by the Government to avoid the possible commencement of liquidation proceedings of the Company at the Court Hearings on 17th, 20th and 21st April 2015,” said BIPA President June Fowler today, adding that liquidation “would result in less than 20 cents on the dollar for policyholders and would contradict every assurance that has ever been given to thousands of policyholders by successive Prime Ministers and the Minster of Finance since this debacle started over 6 years ago.”

BIPA is frustrated that despite the existence of a detailed restructuring plan, in which Government and the Ministry of Finance fully participated with the Judicial Manager, and which was subsequently approved by Cabinet on 27th March 2014, there has not to date been any tangible evidence of the Ministry’s execution of the initial phase of the plan which should have been well underway by the end of December 2014 at the latest.

Various communications, which are a matter of public record, between the Ministry and the Judicial Manager, make it clear that the Judicial Manager was assured that the initial funding approved by Cabinet would be forthcoming during 2014 in order to meet shortfalls and facilitate funding of the initial phase of the Cabinet approved plan. However, such funding never materialised, leaving the Judicial Manager with little option but to change course and pursue liquidation.

At the hearings in April, BIPA will be strongly objecting to the liquidation of CLICO on the grounds that a viable plan put together by Government and the Judicial Manager and approved by Cabinet is on the table. “All that is required is for Government to either get moving and execute the plan with uncharacteristic haste, or come up with a viable alternative that can be executed even more quickly,” says June Fowler, adding, “I doubt the court will be satisfied with empty promises of the kind policyholders have had to put up with. Rather, I expect hard evidence that the plan is ready to roll is what will be required, and that is what policyholders are looking for too.”