Clico has every cent I have slaved for 33 years and refuse to give me what is mine

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my plight , please see attached copies of correspondence regarding this matter . The situation is so much worse than it was then, but I do not know where else to turn. The funds held by Clico is all the money I have left.

Here is some background information.

I got married at 20 years of age. By 21 I had a baby daughter and was pregnant with my son, during my pregnancy my husband deserted me and his two children. When my son was 2 weeks old I went out to work, first at Furniture Ltd. The same year securing a position as a secretary in one of the largest company groups here, in this position I moved from Secretary to a Management position, through hard work and putting in the hours. 2 years later My husband returned to the island and begged for a second chance, being young and foolish I reunited with him. A year later my last child was born and 2 years later I filed for divorce, after being shot, beaten, 22 stitches in my face and finally raped. My Ex husband was an abusive drunk.

I was now not 30 yet, with 3 children who the court had awarded me sole custody of, both my parents were dead, and I wanted no contact with my ex, therefore no support. I worked hard, for many years, I held two jobs 8-4 at my day job then 6 until at my night job. This was necessary in order to support my children. At no time during these years did anyone, not Clico, the government or any man, say here is $10.00 to buy food.

Later I was in a long time relationship and after about 10 years of living together I decided to go after my dream of owning my own home. I secured a mortgage from Clico. I paid all the fees myself, and moved into my dream home. 2 years later because my partner did not live up to his commitments and decided to gamble and drink instead , I could not continue to make the mortgage payments alone. Clico did not hesitate to take my home.

In 2008 having left my long time employer, not under good circumstances and in my own business, My trusted Insurance agent suggested it would be better to transfer my pension into Clico. This I did, and in September 2008, a cheque was deposited with Clico. Exactly 1 week later the news broke of Clico financial situation, and from that day I have been trying to get my money away from Clico.

I have written everyone, Supervisor of Insurance, Inland Revenue, Ministers, Clico, no one even hears my cries. In 2009 due to pressure from my ex employers and trying to save my home, my business was in trouble, but no where could I get money to save my business from going under.

Today, Clico took my home, I have no business, just scraps left, I have sold almost everything I own to pay bills, I have tried to secure a good paying job, but in this country when you are 55 years old, you are of no more service, so I am working all hours of the night for 7.00 an hr and slowly killing myself, all because Clico has every cent I have slaved for 33 years and refuse to give me what is mine.